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Our Resources

God’s Way Nehemiah M.B.C believes in sharing introductory tools that can equip you in seeking and getting closer to God. Our resources will provide information that are helpful to you gaining knowledge and understanding, that assist with enhancing your quality of life in Jesus. 

Member Orientation

Our new member orientation is offered to serve members with a road map of our church’s vision, mission, goals, and members role within the body of Christ.

Prayer Line

Our church family hosts a prayer line every other Friday starting at 11:45 pm. We believe that prayer works. Join us as we pray in unity for the uplifting and building of the kingdom of God. 

Dial in # (804)401-1307

Access code: 5545513

Pray Request

Submit your prayer request

Bible Study Apps

Our Pastor has recommended the Blue Letter Bible and the RightNow Media Apps as an opportunity to assist in studying the Bible on a deeper and revelational level-  history, context, and strategy. Don’t miss out!

Zoom Meeting

COMING SOON! Stay tuned as zoom calls will help to assist in various ministry meetings and much more to come.

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